Monday, February 06, 2006


Yahoo and AOL to charge email users

There were a lot of rumors floating around the net last week that Yahoo and AOL were going to start charging users for email. Here is a recent post about this.

"The fees, which would range from 1/4 cent to 1 cent per e-mail, are the latest attempts by the companies to weed out unsolicited ads, commonly called spam, and identity-theft scams. In exchange for paying, e-mail senders will be guaranteed their messages won't be filtered and will bear a seal alerting recipients they're legitimate."

Read more (Tom's Hardware News)

That is a very unfortunate choice of headline. The target is large commercial users of Yahoo and AOL, not the every day user.
Sorry, but you have it all wrong. It was all a set up from the beginning to make money.

1. Block all spam mail

2. Wait for awhile until advertisers realize yahoo runs the system.

3. then allow only those that pay a premium to bypass it.

It's somewhat shady, but it's free email. Yahoo should really have 3 mail boxes. One for regular inbox mail, one for intermediate mail; one's that pay and are sanctioned by, and one more for email that may be of a questionable nature.

Sorting through junk mail in my inbox is not somthing I would look forward too.

Their are also obious benifites to advertisers: The email is guaranteed to make it to the sender.

recipients:Won't get caught up in scams, protection against temporary loss of common sense.
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