Friday, April 07, 2006


MetaData Standard

Storage Networking Industry Standard has announced the development in progress of using metadata as the standard. What does this means to Libraries? Software developers, such as FX, (a journal database interface that locates articles within independant subscriptions and creates a direct link to that article), use metadata to locate the pertinent information to create those links.

With a standard developed, we can expect more 3rd party software such as FX that will improve access to multiple databases, interfaces, search engines, and probably a few that haven't been invented yet.

The article is here:


LTN Website Updated!

We have updated the website in preparation for the 2006 TLA Conference in Houston. Take a look....

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Are e-books making a comeback?

Recent developments in e-books, including new expectations from Sony, may be drawing attention to new possibilities - or at least fulfilling old expectations that were never met.

A couple articles are here for you review:

Monday, April 03, 2006


Code for a Cause

Check out this posting I made at the North Texas Regional Library System Blog.


LTN April Newsletter

Here is a copy of the newsletter I sent out this morning:

We’re Back!!!

For those that wondered about the death of Library Technology NOW, let this newsletter serve as a notice that the project is still alive. We are in the midst of reevaluating its purpose and approach so hopefully you will see some changes in the upcoming months to the website as we reinvent ourselves.

We still have our blog to update you on news relevant to library technology. In addition, we have decided to reintroduce this monthly newsletter. Hopefully between the two of them, you can feel a part of the LTN community.

What changes should you expect to see in Library Technology NOW?

We promise not to change the peer-reviewed articles. However, we realize that LTN can grow as an online community so look for some Web 2.0 features in the next year. Some of the possibilities include:

This or That – A comparison application where two technologies can face off against each other. People vote on their preferred choice. Each week LTN will designate a This or That champion.

Review It – A less structured approach to the Library Technology reviews. We will open these reviews up to all LTN users and rate the products listed.

Wishlist – This will be a place where people can leave wishes for library technology. Hopefully, some of these wishes will come true.

Question and Answer. – If you have a question about Library Technology, this would be the place it and see if a colleague can answer it.

All of these apps will be built using an open source provider of Web 2.0 applications. We need PHP developers to assist us with this project. If you are interested in helping us to plan and develop the Web 2.0 features, please email Adam Wright at as he will be putting a committee together to work out the details.

What happened to the Spring Theme?

No one submitted a query to write for the Spring Theme, which was about Web Technologies, so the Editorial Board decided to cancel this issue. Adam Wright is going to write a review on Content Management Systems which will appear on the page before the end of April.

LTN Funding

We are happy to announce that LTN has received a donation of $1500 from the North Texas Regional Library System. This money will be used for publicity and stipends for writers. Thanks NTRLS!

Future Themes.

LTN will have two additional themes for this year. In June, we will cover WiFi Technologies. In October, Convergence Storage Technologies will be reviewed. If you are interested in writing for these two themes, please go the LTN website and click on How to Write for LTN. For these two themes, writers will be paid a stipend of a $100 for their efforts.

LTN Marketing at Texas Library Association Conference

Many members of the LTN community are also members of the Texas Library Association’s Automation and Technology Round Table so this RT will doing some publicity to get people interested in writing for the Summer and Fall Themes. If you are going to TLA, look for the pink pencils at the ATRT booth in the Exhibit Hall.

LTN Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is seeking new members for the 2006-2007 year. If you are interested in serving, please contact Adam Wright, President-Elect. We will have our officer elections at the August 2006 Meeting.

Usability Testing

This summer, we plan to conduct usability testing of the current LTN website. If you are interested in participating, watch for a call for volunteers later this spring.


Internet Explorer compromise

It has been reported and confirmed that a "malware" (malicious software) has been posted on the internet to allow hackers to utlize the most recent and yet unpatched flaw in Internet Explorer. A patch is expected Super Tuesday.

This article explains more, with a solution that disables a portion of Internet Explorer.

E-Eye Digital Security has released a temporary patch, for those who need the portion of Internet Explorer that would be disabled as described above. This patch is not tested or approved/encouraged by Microsoft, however, my personal experience with E-Eye Digital Security has been very positive.

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